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This is a list of prank call victims. The oldest verified prank call victim of all time is Junkyard Hick who was called on November 25, 2006. The earliest-known prank victim was Drunk Guy, who was discovered in 2000; allegedly a radio station employee had used an Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard to insult him after calling the DJs all night with song requests.

Frank "Duncan" Garrett holds the record for the longest-ever prank series being called from 2007 until shortly before his death on July 3, 2011. Given the near four-year period he was called, it is presumed that Duncan had the most calls of any soundboard victim. An accurate count of calls can not be verified, however, due to the mass removal of his calls from YouTube during the 2008 and 2011 Duncan Scares. Other long-running prank series during the Duncan-era include Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer (2007-2010), Jackass Plumber (2008-2011), Redneck Roofer (2008-2011), Charles (2008-2011), and Chris the Hacker (2009-2012). Overall, there have been nearly 200 prank victims called between 2000 and 2012.

Victims by era[edit]

Celebrity Soundboard-era (2000-2007)[edit]

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Duncan-era (2007-2011)[edit]

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Bail Bondsman-era (2012-)[edit]

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