Irate Black Man Animated Series

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Irate Black Man Animated Series
Irate Black Man On Phone.png
The Irate Black Man as he appears in animated form


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1 (series canceled; replaced by Soundboard Universe)

Produced By

Blastard Studios




April 1, 2011


November 23, 2012

At the beginning of 2011, the Irate Black Man was given his own animated cartoon series, created by welfarecomics/IrateBlackManCrib or Blastard Studios. The series features a flash-animated cartoon version of DeNardo Monroe, the Irate Black Man (whose voice is provided by actual sound clips of the real IBM, taken from the prank calls), and revolves around his dealings with a nerdy, white milquetoast neighbor, Richard Dimpo, who never fails to unwittingly drive him into a murderous rage (usually resulting in the Irate Black Man shooting at him). In the series finale, "Prank Killer", IBM finally kills Richard in a hail of bullets, only for him to be resurrected as a werewolf by the devil (played by the Satanic Racist) and chase after him.

One complete season of 5 episodes (including a 3-parter for the series finale) and 4 promos were produced. A planned second season was canceled in May 2013 before production began.

IBM and Richard Dimpo (until his death in part 2 and part 3 of Prank Killer) are the only characters of the Irate Black Man Animated Series to appear on all episodes.

Richard Dimpo

Series Cancellation

On May 21, 2013, Blastard Studios announced their decision to cancel plans for additional episodes, saying, "IRATE BLACK MAN ANIMATED SERIES IS OVER!"[1] Instead, Soundboard Universe, a brand new spin-off series featuring a greatly-expanded cast and storylines starring other prank victims (in addition to the continuing adventures of the Irate Black Man) was created. The first episode of the new show, "OLD F*CKS", premiered on June 25.[2]


Name Info First appearance Last appearance
Irate Black Man Main character, appears on all episodes A WhiteBoi?! Prank Killer (Parts 1 - 3)
Richard Dimpo Irate Black Man's neighbor, appears on all episodes A WhiteBoi?! Prank Killer (Parts 1 - 3)
Drug & Alcohol Lady Richard Dimpo's mother Yo Momma 2Nite 2 The Mullet (cameo only)
Jewish Man A member of a local Jewish temple Yo Momma 2Nite 2 Yo Momma 2Nite 2
Gun Shop Lady A police officer and one of the Irate Black Man's relatives Both parts of Ho Famlee on Poleese Force! The Mullet (cameo only)
Yankee Tough Guy An inmate at the police station where he threatens and insults Richard Dimpo Part 2 of Ho Famlee on Poleese Force! The Mullet (cameo only)
Black Guy An inmate at the same police station as Richard Dimpo and the Yankee Tough Guy Part 2 of Ho Famlee on Poleese Force! The Mullet (cameo only)
Rick the Mullet Man One of Richard Dimpo's other neighbors, whom he turns to for help when IBM comes after him The Mullet (Part 1) The Mullet (Part 2)
New York City Cunt The Mullet Man's wife The Mullet (Part 1) The Mullet (Part 1)
Colossal Racist Bitch An obese woman dressed in red who was shot by IBM; reappears as a zombie in the season 1 finale and frightens IBM The Mullet (Part 2) Prank Killer (Part 3)
Duncan Appears as a ghost in the Halloween episode; rises from a tombstone and curses at Richard Dimpo and the IBM, who futilely attempts to shoot him Prank Killer (Part 1) Prank Killer (Part 2)
Chinaman Appears as a zombie in the Halloween episode; briefly chases Richard Dimpo in a graveyard, asking "How you spell the name?" and other questions, over and over again Prank Killer (Part 1) Prank Killer (Part 1)
Springfield Pervert A horny, gay rapist who chases Richard Dimpo through a graveyard in the Halloween episode, intending to sexually assault him; also tries to proposition IBM and gets shot at as a result Prank Killer (Part 1) Prank Killer (Part 2)
Satanic Racist Appears as the devil in Halloween episode; resurrects Richard Dimpo from the dead as a werewolf Prank Killer (Part 3) Prank Killer (Part 3)
Spirit of Truth aka "Reverend X" Appears as an angel(?) in the Halloween episode; engages in a spiritual / magical battle with the Satanic Racist in the graveyard, forcing the IBM to flee for his life Prank Killer (Part 3) Prank Killer (Part 3)



Number order Date of premiere Episode title Info
1 April 1, 2011 A WhiteBoi?! First-ever episode. The Irate Black Man and Richard Dimpo meet each other for the first time, and Richard asks IBM if he had any marijuana for sale.
2 September 8, 2011 Yo Momma 2Nite 2 This episode takes place on Mother's Day where Richard Dimpo sees his mother (voiced by the Drug & Alcohol Lady). Suddenly, the Irate Black Man shows up and attempts to "fuck" with Richard's mother. A man from a local Jewish temple appears at the end.
3 May 27, 2012 Ho Famlee on Poleese Force Part 1 of 2. Richard Dimpo gets arrested for delivering food to the Irate Black Man's house, but insists that he did not prank call anyone.
3.5 September 19, 2012 Ho Famlee on Poleese Force Part 2 of 2. Richard Dimpo gets sent to a jail cell where two inmates (voiced by Yankee Tough Guy and Black Guy respectively) threaten and insult him, and later gets sent to another room. There, the Irate Black Man meets Richard and shoots at him until he escapes.
4 October 3, 2012 Enter: The Mullet Part 1 of 2. Richard Dimpo runs away from the Irate Black Man at 2 in the morning and asks for help from his neighbor, Rick the Mullet Man.
4.5 October 11, 2012 Enter: The Mullet Part 2 of 2. In the beginning, Richard Dimpo is riding in Rick the Mullet Man's pickup truck and the duo eventually get spotted by the Irate Black Man. Rick and the IBM shoot and chase each other while driving until Rick gets in an accident, while IBM gets confronted by Colossal Racist Bitch, who gets shot by him. The fight then continues, IBM shoots the bottom of Rick's truck until it explodes, and in the end, Richard gets away.
5 October 22, 2012 Prank Killer Part 1 of 3. Picking up immediately where the previous episode left off, Richard Dimpo lands in a haunted graveyard, where he is immediately confronted by the angry ghost of Frank "Duncan" Garrett, whose tombstone he collided with. Running away, he next encounters an "octal" zombie played by the Chinaman, who briefly follows him around, asking "Can you spell the name?" and other questions, over and over. No sooner does he evade the zombie, then he encounters the Springfield Pervert, who aggressively pursues him through the cemetery, intending to rape him.
5.2 October 31, 2012 Prank Killer Part 2 of 3. IBM shows up at the graveyard and has his own encounter with the ghost of Duncan, whom he futilely attempts to shoot. Ironically, Richard Dimpo is unwittingly saved from being raped, after the Springfield Pervert chases him back to Duncan's grave and then makes the mistake of trying to proposition IBM, who angrily responds by shooting at him. Inexplicably, a small army of zombie prank callers choose that moment to suddenly rise from their graves (the tombstones of which are marked with the handles of actual prank callers) and attack, forcing IBM to fight them off. Richard Dimpo is inadvertently caught in the resulting hail of bullets and dies.
5.3 November 23, 2012 Prank Killer Part 3 of 3. Having won the battle against the zombie hoard, IBM suddenly finds himself face-to-face with the devil (played by the Satanic Racist), who proceeds to threaten him and his family. Just then, Reverend X suddenly shows up and challenges the Satanic Racist and the two engage in a good vs. evil battle of spiritual power. IBM has finally had enough and flees the graveyard, shooting his way past several more zombies, including the Colossal Racist Bitch, whom he killed previously, following his battle with Rick the Mullet Man. The episode ends with Richard Dimpo being resurrected as a vicious werewolf by the Satanic Racist and chasing after IBM's black SUV to get revenge.