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Not to be confused with Deputy Duncan or Dr. Frank Garrett
Frank "Duncan" Garrett
Traditional depiction of Duncan


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


Small Business Owner, Pole-Barn Builder[1][2] (1979-2011)


74 (deceased)[3]




13265 N 536 Rd.
Tahlequah, OK[4]

formerly Stilwell, Oklahoma[5][6]

Place of birth

Stilwell, Oklahoma[7]

Place of death

Tahlequah, Oklahoma[8]


Nancy Garrett (née Burchett)[9] (divorced)
Sue Garrett (née Hammons)[10] (divorced)


2 sons,[11] possibly 1 daughter[nb 1]


3 (two sisters and one brother)

Frank Neal Garrett[12] (October 14, 1936 – July 3, 2011[13][14][15][16]), more commonly known as Duncan, was the meanest son of a bitch in nine counties and owner of the pole-barn building company Duncan Construction[17][18] and the most famous soundboard prank call victim of all time.[19][20][21][22][23][24] Duncan lived and ran his business in Stilwell, Oklahoma, and later the nearby town of Tahlequah[4], in the United States. He was known for his fiery temper, use of copious amounts of profanity in response to prank calls, for his quick-witted responses, and defiance, in the face of any legal-threats made against him.

Something of a cult-following has developed around him. Prior to his passing, a tradition developed of annual calls on major holidays being made to express holiday greetings, much to his anger.[25][26][27][28][29] More devoted fans have gone so far as to concoct a pseudo-religion called Duncanism, dedicated solely to Frank Garrett.[30][31] The soundboard of Jesus Lady has been altered, via splicing, to promote the worship of Frank Garrett, and has evangelized several households.[32][33]

On July 3, 2011, Frank Garrett was pronounced dead in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, from natural causes.[34] Visitation was held from 5-8 p.m on Thursday, July 7 at Roberts/Reed-Culver Funeral Home, while his graveside service was performed at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, July 8 at the Stilwell City Cemetery.[35][36]

Prank History[edit]

See also: Quotes of Duncan

Early era[edit]

Duncan was originally called by the well known prankster w3baholic, using a Deacon Frost soundboard in late 2007. w3baholic was calling random liquor stores, dialed a number listed as Backstreet Liquor, in Stilwell, Oklahoma. To his surprise, the call was answered by a somewhat groggy-sounding Frank Garrett, at Duncan Construction. The directory used was evidently not up-to-date, it is known that the liquor business DID once belong to Frank, then was sold to the present owner, in 2003.

Deacon Frost had his eyes on Frank for years. He offered him a truce; an easy way out. Frank, however, did not give a shit.

Frank's quick and angry reaction to the soundboard, despite the fact that relatively 'unoffensive' quotes were used, provoked immediate interest in the Soundboard Prank Call community, whom initially named him the "Drunk Guy," thinking that he was intoxicated during the call. Eventually, he became known by the more familiar "Duncan" moniker, due to the mistaken belief that this was his real name. According to a short obituary recently posted on the site Wikitopic, the name "Duncan Construction" actually came from the former partner Frank founded the business with, in 1979; Charles Duncan.[37]

Right from the beginning, Frank was a YouTube-sensation, quickly gaining a cult following among prank call fans, even though relatively few calls were made to him during the earliest time. It was also during said time that Xaozzz created the first generation Duncan soundboard (initially known as the "Drunk Guy Soundboard"), which consisted of only few (10 or less) lines, such as "Hello." "Duncan Construction." "You stupid cock-sucker." "Fuck you." "Do what?" "This is a business-phone, get off of it!" and the popular, "Well I don't give a shit.", among others. The first location to be called with the soundboard was 'A&S Roofing' in Muncie, Indiana, which lead to the discovery of another extremely popular prank call victim, Tom the Pissed Off Roofer. Garrett himself was also called with it several times, which garnered a few new lines from him, allowing the board to be gradually expanded. Ironically, a call from a soundboard of Tom during this time would eventually reveal Duncan's real name, Frank Garrett, to the world.

Expansion of calling[edit]

At first, his number was known only to a select few prank callers, such as w3baholic, Xaozzz, PranksAndThat and SoCalCoaster, and only a few calls to him were made every couple of weeks, to keep things from going too far. Unfortunately, this was soon to change after the number for Duncan Construction was found by unknown third-parties (possibly from Frank's company-website) was widely posted on YouTube, among other public places for all to see. This has also unfortunately happened recently, with the Bail Bondsman, quickly leading to Frank being called by hundreds (if not thousands) of copycat pranksters, from every corner of the world, on almost a daily basis; a situation which sadly continued right until the time of his death. Duncan Construction would receive calls from pranksters based across the United States, Western Europe, and Canada, other pranksters were based as far away as Croatia[38] and Kuwait.[39]

Due to the unprecedentedly high frequency in which he was called (a frequency which will likely never be matched, due to the community becoming very wary about releasing names or numbers after learning of what happened to him), Frank was subjected to the widest variety of soundboards of any victim. Nearly every major soundboard has been recorded calling him. However, there are several notable soundboards that are not known to have ever been used to call him, including Al Pacino, Dr. Phil, Jack Black, Mr. T, Mr. Rogers, Peter Griffin, Hank Hill, Harlem Barber, and Drunk Guy.

2008 Duncan Scare[edit]

Main article: 2008 Duncan Scare

Beginning in early 2008, pranksters began using the soundboard of Frank to harass various residents and businesses in Frank's own hometown, Stilwell, Oklahoma. This lead to the discovery of such noteworthy victims as Charles at A to Z Pawn and Colleen from the Stilwell Flower Shop.

When the Stilwell Public Library was called, it resulted in near-disaster for the pranksters whom called him. Stilwell is a small town of roughly 3,000 people, and the library staff, including a librarian named "Karen", knew of Frank's identity, and recognized the name Duncan Construction as a local company. Thinking that it was the real Frank Garrett harassing them, they called the Stilwell police, who then paid a visit to Duncan Construction, confronting Frank himself. At the same time, the library-staff were tipped-off by an unknown informant, about the YouTube videos of the prank-calls that had been made to them.

Police reports were filed by both Frank and the library-staff. YouTube was contacted about the matter, a fact which came to light after yet another Duncan prank-call was made to Karen at the library. Fearing what seemed to be a threat of legal-reprecussions, the soundboard prank-call community quickly removed all Duncan-related media, prank calls, and soundboards, from YouTube, and other websites, such as Realm of Darkness. Some pranksters went as far as deleting the original audio and video files from their home computers, fearing the files would be seized by authorities. This resulted in a number of prank-calls and parody-videos being lost forever, although many have since been restored.

Later era[edit]

General Nature of Calls[edit]

When called on his business-phone, Frank would usually answer with a casual, even pleasant, "Duncan Construction." When called on his cell-phone, he would answer with either "Hello," or "This is Frank." If he suspected that it was a prank-call, Frank would usually say nothing and let the caller begin the conversation, or less frequently, pick up the phone, then immediately start cussing at the caller. It is unknown how many legitimate callers Frank cussed at, believing they were pranksters, but there were probably at least a few - the negative implications of which, socially and for his business, that would have been an undoubted downside of the prank calling.

It is believed by many pranksters, that while Frank was initially angry over the near-constant bombardment of calls, he eventually came to accept them, even secretly enjoying having someone to cuss at, being truly angry only when he was very busy.


Though he was often called by real people as well as soundboards, Frank was aware of the nature of soundboard prank-calls from early on, particularly after being called with his own soundboard multiple times, realising others were being called with it too, after the 2008 Stilwell incidents.

Frank also became aware of the calls made to him being published on YouTube, and more familiar with many soundboards available featuring his recorded voice. He apparently found out after the A Nightmare on Burton Street series of pranks (which did not use his voice, but used his name multiple times) attracted the attention of federal investigators. His name was mentioned and even briefly discussed, in the Fox News broadcast of the incident, several newspaper articles mentioned that Frank lives in Oklahoma implying the FBI had spoken to him about the calls, even though they did not consider him a suspect. It is possible Frank had a brief idea of the nature of the calls he was receiving before this, claiming he had the prank-callers "figured out" in a relatively early call made to him - though he may have been referring to soundboards and not the recordings.

The exact extent of Frank's knowledge of the prank-call community remains unknown, as his responses seemed to indicate some inconsistencies. Sometimes Frank would reference other victims, soundboards, callers and events, particularly those associated with "A Nightmare on Burton Street." Other times, he would imply that he believed only one person (usually Charles) was responsible for the calls, believing certain soundboards were actual people (particularly Homer and Billye Scott), though this may have been his way of "playing along."

Towards the end of the saga, Frank began to recognize certain voices and soundboards, notably ones that called him the most frequent, as evidenced by the fact he would sometimes say something related to them. Notable among these are:

  • Rick, whom he would often refer to as "The Sugar Creek Motherfucker" or mention AR-15s
  • The Jesus Lady, whom he would sometimes say something religious even before she began her own religious lines, and usually called her a whore, something he was not known to call any other soundboard with frequency
  • Billye Scott, whom he recognized as a Stilwell resident and was usually more irritated with than any other soundboard
  • Charles, whom he knew very, very well by the end of his life
  • Nismo, whom he always called "Gravel Voice," or some variation thereof, even the one time he was called with a soundboard of Nismo
  • While it is not clear whether or not Frank recognized his own voice, he definitely recognized his own quotes, as, after some of the more notable ones, he would frequently respond with, "That's my line!" or some variation thereof

2011 Hospitalization[edit]

Though few details are presently available, there were significant indications that Frank had possibly fallen into poor health.

In 2009, when asked about the soundboard prank call incidents of 2008 in an e-mail, an employee of the Stilwell Library mentioned they still received prank calls, and Frank, whom by this stage was well aware of the incidents, was receiving a high volume of calls, which "were not helping his health." It is difficult to tell how accurate this information is.

In early February 2011, an uploader named RobbersQuest, uploaded a series of calls, revealing Frank had been admitted to the hospital for unknown reasons. When Frank answered his cell-phone, the busy sounds of the hospital could be heard in the background, Frank grumpily responding; "Hey, you ignorant son-of-a-bitch, I'm laid-up here in the hospital, so get off my back, will ya?"

While in a call made in early November 2010, Frank responded to a question by the Prayer Lady, stating that he was a "sick man" claiming to have terminal cancer, then asked in a snide tone if she could cure it. It is unknown whether Frank was serious and this was the reason for the hospital stay, or if he merely realized that he was talking to a soundboard and decided to play along.

He was also heard to cough and clear his throat multiple times in many of the recent calls, which he never did before.

In late March 2011, the uploader of the call, RobbersQuest, called Frank with a Homer and Billye Scott soundboard. When Billye asked if Frank was sick, Frank claimed he wasn't, suggesting that he got over whatever had hospitalized him.

Sometime between April and May 2011 however, a call was made with a soundboard of Homer Scott with a delirious sounding Frank answering, claiming the caller had called Frank during an operation. Frank did not cuss at the caller and seemed to legitimately believe he was talking to the real Homer Scott. What exactly this operation was for is unknown, though in calls made only days after, Frank seemed to act as normal, which may suggest it was a minor operation.



Since the earliest calls to Duncan were posted on Youtube, Frank is usually represented with a picture of Prince Charles, looking rather haggard and exhausted, sometimes with a barn photo imposed in the background. Various edits of this picture have been made, usually making him look more angry. Since the early calls to Frank, no other person has been used to represent him, though several pictures of Prince Charles have been frequently used or modified. Modified pictures of Prince Charles have become popular, in their own right.

Early on, Xaozzz chose a photograph of Prince Charles of England to represent Frank in his videos, reasoning that this particular photograph made Frank look like "a drunk hobo" (at this time it was still erroneously believed that Frank's hostility was due to intoxication). Ironically, Xaozzz recently stated that when he chose the picture, he did not realize that it was of Prince Charles. Modified versions of the picture, with the facial expression changed to a reddened, angry look and a different background (usually a barnyard or a rundown building) added began to appear soon after.

In 2009, a user on the Realm Of Darkness forums, claiming to live in Stilwell, paybacksrhell, promised real-life photographs of Frank. At first, pictures of various Stilwell locations associated with prank calls, such as A to Z Pawn, Stilwell Library, Duncan Construction, and a building claimed to be Duncan's home, were posted. These were met with skepticism, they were similar to those already available on Google Street View. Soon, pictures of a man driving a utility truck waiting at traffic lights were taken and it was claimed they were of Frank himself. These were not widely circulated. Shortly after this, several clearer photos of Frank walking into a diner were shot. A picture claiming to be Frank's senior school picture, from Stilwell High School Class of 1954, was released. Whilst it is still not known with certainty, the images are now widely regarded as real, despite initial doubts. They did not, replace the image of Prince Charles as the popular depiction of Frank, and were controversial, as some felt they were too great an intrusion of his privacy.

Sometime after this, Frank apparently moved from Stilwell to a house located at

A real picture taken of Frank

13265 N 536 Rd. in the nearby town of Tahlequah, 25 miles away.[4] It is likely that this was in response to the posting of pictures of his previous home, in Stilwell, out of fear that the ongoing harassment would escalate beyond prank calls.

See also: Alternate victim and soundboard character depictions

Cult following[edit]

The interest over these pictures, and the efforts taken to obtain them, went to prove the extent of the cult status that developed around Frank. Some pranksters jokingly refer to him as "Lord Frank Garrett," and have written a creed to a fictional religion "Duncanism." Various edits have been made to Wikipedia, attempting to add rerefernces to Frank in the Stilwell article, though these were inevitably changed back. The MerchantCircle page for Duncan Construction, probably created by a prankster, has attracted interest and hundreds of fake reviews by pranksters, sometimes claiming to be genuine customers, other prank call victims or Frank himself. Some pranksters have also asked questions about Frank, or pretended to be him, on the Stilwell Topix forum.

For Christmas in 2009, the prankster Mr88Nismo sent Frank some McDonald's vouchers as a gift, along with a card signed with pictures from several pranksters. There have been jokes about buying him a dozer for Christmas, which is a reference to the call where Frank stated he did not own a dozer.

Along with the aforementioned modified pictures, many parody-videos and songs of prank-call victims have appeared on YouTube, with Frank being the most popular. Examples of this are the Duncan the Tank Engine parody, and the festive 12 Days of Christmas with Prank Call Victims video.


Much controversy is related to prank calls involving Frank. Though there was little sentiment other than humor when Frank was initially called, many pranksters and listeners grew to genuinely like him, and his aforementioned cult following built quickly. What initially may have been little more than a foul mouthed, bad tempered, old man, turned out to be a witty, defiant character, who was widely seen as a decent guy underneath, and was related to by many. A handful of pranksters remained adamant that Frank was an unpleasant person, and deserved the calls purely as punishment; they soon became a significant minority (they often sited slurs from sources such as the Stilwell Topix forum against Frank or his family as evidence, but these are widely seen as very unreliable and based on backward, historic family grudges). The vast majority had a very good opinion of Frank, and the calls were popular for their humorous content, rather than for any sort of vindictive purpose.

As he became the most famous prank-call victim, he received a high volume of calls from all round the world - hundreds of which were recorded, then posted, many more of which were probably not. Many of his fans felt that the volume of calls needed to significantly reduce or stop altogether, as they may have been significantly affecting his life, and business.

The prankster XxVideoPersonxX, whom made many of the original calls to Frank, famously called Frank, to apologize for the prank- calls, about a year after the first call was made to him. Recorded speaking to a polite caller for the first time, Frank was very reasonable and calm, thanking XxVideoPersonxX for the apology, and requesting that the prank calls stop. Frank was somewhat surprised that Xaozzz did not know him in real life, leading to the much-quoted line, "then how did you select me... to be your goat?" XxVideoPersonxX posted this call in a video, stating that he would not call Frank anymore, but would continue to use his soundboard. A vast majority of viewers came to an agreement, and the number calls made to Frank dropped significantly for several months.

Main article: Apology to Duncan

Frank's number soon became discovered by many pranksters around the world, and the number of calls to him began to increase again. Following the initial apology call, Frank did not accept any more apologies over the phone, as he presumably remembered the first one, after which the prank-calls ultimately continued.

Another concern was the implications of calling people in Frank's hometown of Stillwell with his soundboard. Many people recognized Frank, thinking he was really calling them, many callers thinking this was a step too far. It's likely Frank may have began to assume some legitimate calls were pranks, possibly having a negative effect both socially and for his business.

It is, however, believed by many pranksters that while Frank was initially angry over the near-constant bombardment of calls, he eventually came to accept them and even secretly enjoyed having someone to cuss at, being truly angry only when he was very busy. This is often evidenced by the fact that he did not change his personal phone number - whilst it would be impractical to change his business line, he could quite easily have changed his home and cell phone numbers and unlisted them from directories.

When Frank sadly passed away in July 2011, fresh controversy was ignited as some were concerned that the prank calls could have contributed to it. (See Controversy following death)


Frank sadly passed away in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, on July 3, 2011, at the age of 74 years, 8 months, 19 days. Although official obituaries have not listed a cause of death other than "natural causes", rumor has it that people who knew him personally are claiming that he died of a stroke. It is presently unknown whether this is actually the case or not.

He is survived by two sisters, a brother, three children, and six grandchildren.[40]


Domestic reaction[edit]

Frank was well known locally and no doubt, prank calls aside, his death would have affected a large number of people.

  • Charles of A to Z Pawn: "[no comment]"[41]
  • Eva of the Stilwell Public Library: "I did hear [about his passing]...I saw his obituary in the newspaper...I didn't know him."[42]
  • Holly of Deb's Hair Depot: "I didn't hear [the news of his passing]...I haven't heard anything about it...I'll be sure and tell the other ladies."[43]
  • Female employee of Stilwell Flowers: "...they buried Frank Garrett last week. There were several orders of flowers, but I didn't get to go to the service, and I just don't know how many people was [sic] there, but [his passing] was very sad. I did know Frank...Frank was always nice to me."[44]

An alleged grandson of Frank Garrett, contacted on Facebook, acknowledged Frank's death as well as his detestation for him, a view he claims is unanimous amongst Garrett's surviving relatives.[45][46]
He alleged:

"...he was as bad as they come. you’ve heard all the prank calls, that is exaaclty [sic] how he’d treat us. he has stolen money from almost everon [sic] in my family including his grand children. [sic] and everthing [sic] he did in life was to make life misbrible [sic] for the people around him, i don’t want to get into it, people hate him because he goes out of his way to be a complete asshole to everyone..."

The reliability of this account has been called into question, however. Those who have read through the Stilwell Topix forum have noticed many similar, rambling accusations against Frank and the Garrett family in general, which often seem to be based more on some sort of historic feud between local families than on any reasonable complaints.

Soundboard community reaction[edit]

The passing of Frank Garrett was met with widespread grief and despair his many admirers - pranksters, avid listeners and even people who had little knowledge of soundboard prank calling. Individual and unique memorial videos popped up in the dozens.[47][48][49][50][51][52][53][54][55][56] [57][58][59][60][61][62][63][64][65][66][67][68][69][70] As of July 15, his memorial guestbook is comprised of over ten pages of written condolences.[71] Garrett has received condolences from individuals inside and outside of Stilwell, Oklahoma and even the United States (Alaska, California, Connecticut, D.C., Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin), with some originating from the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, England, Germany, New Zealand, across Canada, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, and Australia.[72]

One memorial page that appeared on the internet appeared to feature a brand new and very clear picture of Frank, smiling and standing in front of a construction vehicle of some kind. This was later found to be a fake page set up by a prankster, as the image was discovered to have been taken from another website and was in fact a picture of a Swedish farmer. As part of the joke, the vehicle in the background may have been a bulldozer and an ironic reference to the numerous references to calls in which Frank denies having or wanting a bulldozer. It was an extremely convincing imitation, however, as the Swedish farmer in the picture looked very much like a younger version of Frank, based on the photographs taken by paybacksrhell.


Later, however, Chris supposedly wrote the following on Frank Garrett's obituary guestbook:[74]

"Rest in Peace, Mr Garrett.

Rest safe in the knowledge that what goes around comes around.

Deepest respect,

C. Perron General Manager DatBoys Data Recovery and WhipsBook.com"

Controversy following death[edit]

Something of a debate has arisen in the prank call community as to whether pranksters should feel any responsibility for Frank's sudden demise. The general consensus is that he was called far too much and should have been left alone or called very rarely, with some people feeling that his death may have been hastened by the stress of the near-constant harassment he received. The majority view is that if Frank Garrett was still irritated by the prank calls as he was shortly after their inception, he would have changed his personal phone number. Despite this, most remain opposed the incessant nature of the pranking that took place.

Personal Life[edit]

Family Background[edit]

Frank Garrett's family, seem to be very established locally, and Frank himself was widely known to the residents of his hometown, Stilwell.

There seems to be some sort of historical family feud, running between the Garretts and other local historic families, it is often brought up on the Stilwell Topix Forums. which contains a thread dedicated to the Means/Garrett trial, which took place several decades ago, apparently involving a murder. Frank was not connected to this trial involving some of his relatives. Many of the negative testaments posted seem to be grudge-based, and it is difficult to determine what actually occured.

Frank may have owned a dog, which could be heard barking in the background of some calls made to him. The dog was nicknamed Retardo by pranksters as, although Frank was referring to the caller, not the dog. His exclamation "Get 'em, Retardo!" implied the dog's name. Frank later stated in a call that he did not own a dog, Retardo may in fact have belonged to a friend, relative or work colleague.

Famously confused as being relatives with "Pat Garrett" from Seymour, Indiana. Pat Garrett is famous for working at the October Fest.

Earlier Life[edit]

Frank was married to a lawyer, named Nancy,assisting her work in the legal-business. It was once believed Duncan Construction may have been named after her maiden name, Duncan, this was later proven to be false.[75]. The couple are thought to have had three children - two sons, and one daughter At some point their relationship ended, Nancy moved to a house which Frank had built for her.

The young Frank was apparently quite outgoing, and ran a local bar called the poop chute He was involved in a few brawls, and once whilst intoxicated, stood up on (or possibly manned) the bar wearing nothing but a pair of dungarees.[76] There was an alledged 'pool table incident' which might be a reference to this (or might be seperate).[77] Eventually, Frank became sober and until the time of his death, did not drink alcohol at all.

At some point Frank is known to have ran a second business next-door to Duncan Construction, named Backstreet Liquor, which he sold to the current owners, in 2003. Until at least as late as 2007, the phone-number appeared in directories as being the same as Duncan Construction.

There is evidence that Frank may have been a recovering alcoholic - his past alcohol-related activities, connection with Backstreet Liquor and later abstention from alcohol, seem to validate this theory.

The company ran and owned right up to his death, Duncan Construction, had been building Post-Frame Buildings since 1979. Frank founded the company with his business-partner at the time, Charles Duncan.[78] Right up to his death, Frank was still involved with the manual-labor portion of the business, as evidenced in some calls to him. The reasons for this are not known, presumably financial, or simply because he enjoyed his work.

His work covered a large area, spanning several States. Most of his work came from Kansas and Missouri, as opposed to his home State of Oklahoma.[79] He did not advertize as far south as Texas, as stated in a call, but obviously advertized across several States and traveled long distances to work-sites. His company evidently had a good reputation, offering, (upon serious inquiry), names of previous clients, to serve as testimonial to their work. In one call, Frank mentioned that he had a lot of money, presumably Duncan Construction and his other business ventures over the years were successful financially.

According to his obituary,[80] Frank had a bachelor's degree in psychology and, following his graduation from Stilwell High School, studied at Northeastern State University. He was an avid coon hunter and a member of the United Kennel Club. He served in the United States Air Force (given his birth year, likely in the Korean War). He also mentioned in a voice call from DozerConstruction that he used to be a boxer, a sport he may have taken up during his military service.

Religious Views[edit]

Frank became drawn into an inevitable religious chat with several soundboards (Jesus Lady, Jesus Guy, Bible Man, Prayer Lady, Epic Crazy Lady, the Spirit of Truth, etc.), whereupon he stated that he didn't "know Jesus," "didn't want to know Him," and that he believed "in [his] own destiny" and "in himself."[81] In one of the before-mentioned calls, Frank stated, that faith in Jesus didn't "keep stupid sons-of-bitches like YOU off the phone." This has led some to believe that Frank was not religious or had lost faith - however, Frank's obituary stated he was an active member of First Christian Church in Stilwell. Based on this fact, it is likely that Frank was a Christian, but didn't have a high opinion of the more cult-like, obsessive, fundamentalist forms of Christianity, practiced by soundboard victims such as the Jesus Lady, Jesus Guy and Epic Crazy Lady.


Main article: Quotes of Duncan


  1. While Frank Garrett's obituary claims he has a daughter, Frank himself remarked in October 2010 that "he didn't have a wife or any daughters." Based on the remarks attributed to Frank's supposed grandson, it's possible a falling-out may have occurred at some point in the past and this was reason for Frank's denial. It's also possible that Frank feared (and rightly so) that confirming he had a daughter would only lead to her being targeted by prank callers too. However, both of these theories are only speculation at this point and with Frank's passing, the truth may never be known for sure.

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
Calls To Duncan Construction Part 1 First calls to Duncan Construction [82]
Calls To Duncan Construction Part 2 [83]
Calls To Duncan Construction Part 3 [84]
Calls To Duncan Construction Part 4 [85]
Calls To Duncan Construction Part 5 [86]
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