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Chris the Hacker
Chris the hacker.JPG
Actual likeness of Chris the Hacker


Christopher Perron


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


Small business owner, IT service & computer repair technician


1957 (age 61–62)




Belmont, Massachusetts




At least one daughter (possibly more children)


At least five brothers[1]

Chris the Hacker was the owner of the former DatBoys Data Recovery LLC., a now-defunct IT service and computer repair company out of Belmont, Massachusetts. He is arguably the most eccentric victim of all time, and is without question among the most controversial. The series finally ended with the closure of DatBoys in May 2012.

After the closure of DatBoys, a pilates gym called Core Balance opened in its place. No known calls were been made to the location for several years. A family center called The Loved Child currently occupies the former DatBoys building in Belmont (as of 2018). On November 16, 2018, however, the location was called by Chris the Hacker. The person who answered was apparently very aware of the prank call series and revealed that the common perception of those who currently occupy the building is that Chris was the prankster. [2]


Unlike most victims, who merely get angry and/or call the police when pranked, Chris eventually figured out what was going on and attempted to take the fight right to the pranksters who were harassing him by tracing the IP addresses of the Skype calls coming to his business. At one time, he also attempted (while using an alias) to infiltrate the forums at various well-known prank call websites such as Realm of Darkness, apparently hoping to gather intel on the Soundboard Prank Call community and destroy it from within.

As a result of these activities, Chris is unique among prank victims in that he now has extensive knowledge of the Soundboard Prank Call community, even the handles of individual pranksters. When called, he will sometimes talk about this at length in an attempt to scare the prank caller off and will even attempt to recognize the caller by their style. He was later given his own victim soundboard, which has since become very popular. Chris sometimes goes under different aliases, such as Stageman, his artist name during a brief stint in a band.

He has been listed as a "potential enemy trying to destroy us" by the website Brotherhood of Nod, and thus has been blacklisted and has his IP Address monitored by the site.[3] Chris had a falling out with this mysterious group which is rumored to be affiliated with 666j1, after he allegedly threatened to release personal information about a fellow NOD member. In response, the Brotherhood launched what it dubbed "Projectx1360", where it obtained password protected information from Perron's DatBoys site and released it to the Prank Calling community and the public at large.[4]

As of April 2012, DatBoys was on the verge of going out of business and finally shut its doors for the last time in early May. In multiple calls asking about it, such as the last call known by CCLMiami, Chris has blamed the failure of his business on the Prank Calling Community, especially 666j1 and MistahBlonde.[5] In a recent call from JPranker98 released in late May, he further claimed that the barrage of prank calls over the last three years had cost him over $200,000 and this was why he was forced to close down.[6] Subsequently, after a three-year period, prank calls to Chris have ceased.

Due to his picture being found almost immediate after the prank calls to him began, Chris is one of the few prank call victims who is usually depicted by an actual photo of themselves.

In December of 2012, The Respected Gentleman was tipped off by an anonymous source. While it is speculated to have been Chris that tipped him off, however, shortly after The Respected Gentleman became aware of his presence on YouTube, a caller called him using a soundboard of Chris to see whether or not he recognized Chris's unique east coast accent, however he did not.


Since his shop closed about a year ago, there has been no known contact with Chris since June 2012. Mistahblonde has established a "Chris Watch" in hopes of once again finding Chris, but this has not been succesful to say the least. Some YouTube users have reported seeing activity on Chris' actual FaceBook page, but not much else.

In late-December 2013, calls to a man named Richard, a close friend of Chris, have given new clues to the status of Chris. According to Richard, Chris has been staying in a Boston homeless shelter since losing Datboys, and may also be intermittently staying with friends while not in the shelter.[7] Calls to this shelter have been met with mixed success, as while workers can not reveal whether or not Chris is living at the shelter, they have recognized his name.[8]

On the Feb. 14, 2014 edition of The Kyra and Mobiethian Show, Chris the Hacker was finally rediscovered in a brief real-voice call from prankster Mobiethian; however, he seemed to be aware the call was a prank and hung up shortly after saying "hello". Nevertheless, this is the first known call to Chris in a year and a half.[9] A prankster also talked to Chris in late-July, making this the first time Chris had an extended discussion with a prank caller in over two years. On August 4, Chris called into The Howie Carr Show and debated with guest host Nancy "Sandy" Shack on the merits of impeaching former President Barack Obama.[10]

In May of 2016, Chris (or someone skillfully impersonating him) posted a comment to a phone complaint website that he had been known to use in the past, under his "Stageman" alias.[11]

"It amazes me to know you young men still have the time after all these years to keep it up on this site. It's been eight years since you guys started calling me, and yet here we are, still finding time for this juvenile behavior. I will tell you one thing, while I will NEVER forgive you for what you did to me, and what you did to my business, it might have been the best thing to ever happen to me! Do you know why? Do you?

It was the best thing to ever happen to me because it put me at my lowest point ever. And now? I'm free! I'm free, and YOU are still here, stuck in your immature ways. The best part? I can answer my phone in peace! I can have a social life! And I don't have to worry about you ruining that for me ever again.

So please, do your best to try to find me, I encourage it. You won't have much luck.

- Stageman"

This comment references various events in Chris' life, such as the failure of his DatBoys business and the Kristen Goldberg affair, blaming them on the vile doings of prank callers and providing further evidence that Chris' vindictive nature and inability to let go of the past rivals that of the prank calling community, as well as his unhealthy obsession with prank callers. Interestingly, the comment gave away Chris' current location as being in Florida, which would make sense, given that associates of Chris such as Richard Spadoni and Kristen Goldberg have been known to reside there.

Since then there have been at least 3 calls to Chris from the community taunting him for his misfortune.

Text-To-Speech Calls

Chris has a strong vindictive streak, and at one point, even threatened to lie to police and hand them the IP address of any random prank caller of his choosing, assuring them that it would be that person who would take the full rap for any and all "crimes" that had happened to him - including any scratches found on his gold 1994 Subaru minivan. This line of "interrogation" from Chris was frowned upon by many, and eventually led to a series of calls made to Chris using various TTS (Text To Speech) voice programs (such as Shit Talker) in which the caller presented themselves as numerous Prank Callers and flooded Chris with disinformation (the true extent of which is unknown) to throw him off the track of the actual prank callers or simply confuse him.

It is unknown at this time the number of calls that were made during the TTS series, however several videos are currently uploaded on the ChrisPerronARCHIVE on

Kugler Saga

The most humorous achievement of the TTS calls was when Chris, demonstrating his extreme gullibility (or perhaps extreme desperation to stop the prank calls) was successfully lead to believe that MistahBlonde2 was in reality, a young man named Brian Kugler, the millionaire son of former Unilever CEO Ralph Kugler and a junior executive within the company himself.[1]

Mysterious and elusive, Mistah Blonde was always one step ahead of Chris.

Convinced by the TTS, it is known that Chris attempted to contact the real Ralph Kugler over the harassment, only to have his claims promptly dismissed by Kugler's personal assistant as utter lunacy. Not to be deterred, Chris went on to undertake extensive research into Unilever and even went as far as hiring a lawyer in hopes of successfully suing the Kugler family and potentially reaping millions of dollars in damages. Before he could launch his suit, however, the TTS caller called Chris back over a fortnight later and revealed the joke.

In spite of this, MistahBlonde2 himself was later able to convince Chris for a second time (again using a TTS program) that Brian Kugler was indeed the one behind the harassment and that the supposed "joke" was a cover story put in place by the Kuglers to keep him from taking legal action. Chris was also lead to believe that the previous informant had been paid the sum of $5,000 by Brian Kugler to keep quiet and that the Belmont Police Department was possibly working for the Kugler family. This call also culminated in Chris being "hired" to conduct internet counter-surveillance by supposed rival parties within Unilever, who claimed they wished to take Brian Kugler down. To this end, an in-person meeting was arranged, in which Chris was told he would be given more information and appropriate funds to aid him in this campaign. Reportedly Chris, being the extremely gullible man that he is, actually showed up at the arranged time and place for the phony meeting, leading MistahBlonde2 to lament that he wished someone had been there with a camcorder to record the whole thing.

The Fire Hoax Incident

Chris has been subject to some of the most extreme pranks out there, many of which have crossed the line from harmless prank calling into outright malicious harassment. One of the meanest examples occurred in late 2010, when he was three-wayed with the Belmont Fire Dept. and listened helplessly as a mechanized text-to-speech voice claiming to be a deaf woman, gave his address and business name and falsely reported a fire DATBOYS IS ON FIRE!. Chris then tried desperately to tell the fire department that there was no fire at his shop and that the whole thing was a prank call by someone trying to set him up, but to no avail. In the end, the fire department told him (much to his frustration) that, prank call or not, their protocol required them to send a response to every report of a fire and that both the police and a fire truck would be there momentarily. It is unknown what transpired after they arrived at the scene.

Shortly after the fire prank, he forgot to hang up the phone and was recorded having a conversation with another prank victim (John from Confused Lady calls a little kid and subsequently again in Jake Prank Calls His Mom and Her Business which was the call that actually resulted in John visiting Chris, A Prank Victim visits Chris the Hacker at Datboys in which he detailed how much aggravation the prank callers have caused him. In this one-sided rant by Chris, it should be noted with extreme irony that Chris giving anybody advice regarding tackling prank callers is easily likened to asking a desert-dwelling nomad how to snowboard.

Internet forums

Perron has a long history of using the Internet to both voice his frustration and attempt to gain intel. Insofar as this habit and its relation to prank calls are concerned, it would appear that his first encounter with the default outbound Skype number [(202) 580-8200] was in 2007. In a complaint forum for that number, in early September 2007, he delineated first receiving a call from a potential customer interested in hard drives. While Chris failed to gain a customer due to some disagreement and personality clash, sometime later, he received a series of calls of the classic childish variety from the same number, in which the person at the other end said nothing audible, save for heavy breathing.[12] While the first call may have been for legitimate purposes, the latter clearly were not, though no connection to the prank call community is evident. Regardless, from his narrative own narrative on the website, he exhibited what could easily be construed as blatant arrogance.

Early on in his actual dealings with the Community, Chris entered the Stilwell, Oklahoma, Topix page, posing as a schoolboy who had transferred there from Boston and was trying to do research on Duncan for the school paper. The locals offered sparse details on Frank, and nothing inherently negative to say. At some point, Frank himself (or an unlikely case of someone benevolently impersonating him), asked to be granted his privacy and left alone.

At one point, he attempted to spy on the Community from within, via Realm of Darkness forums and the like. This, too, ultimately failed.

Approximately one month after the fire prank, Chris surfaced on another phone number complaint forum under his "Stageman" alias. It was the page corresponding to the very same Skype outbound number; that thread had long since run amok in irony with people quoting lines from various soundboards on a frequent basis, including Chris. On occasion, people satirized the posters who complained about the prank calls, by commenting in a similar style from the perspective of the classic victims. Perron seemingly believed that the comical posts were from the prank callers themselves as he attempted to issue a chilling warning to them, coupled with a threat against his longtime foe, MistahBlonde, for manufacturing the fire prank.

"You people are still typing crap on this numbers page? And you still call me Chris "the hacker". I even get calls from Australians now thanks to you sick young men. You better watch yourselves. All these angry victims could drain you and your parents of money some day. MistahBlonde is going to be taken off YouTube when I phone YouTube for his hoax fire prank. Let this be a warning to you all, if you get caught, you will regret this nonsense. Stop doing the devil's work and go and play with your friends outside."

Almost two years later, Perron seemingly returned to the same website, first exhorting the people posting real complaints that the same people commenting are the ones calling them, though this is likely not the case. Several days later, he (or someone posing as him) made the following statement:

"It amazes me just how much time you 'grown men' (as you claim to be) have. Must have a lot if you just sit on here all day and quote DECEASED individuals. Just remember, what goes around comes around."

Other Pranks

He has been pranked by IP relay, likewise arranged and posted by MistahBlonde2. IP Relay sends a taxi to Datboys, PART1. IP Relay Dispatches a Locksmith to DatBoys, and PART2. IP Relay Dispatches a Locksmith to DatBoys

Chris has also been "nimp'd" at least once, during a call by 666J1, in which he was lead to believe that typing in a certain URL would lead him to a site about him being run by pranksters. Instead, the site in question spawned an endless flurry of fast-moving pop-up windows displaying various shock images and hardcore male-on-male porn and scat pics and attempted to upload numerous viruses onto his computer, all of which he stopped. This was accompanied by a very loud sound clip: "HEY EVERYBODY!!! I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO!!!" playing in an endless loop. Needless to say, Chris was not amused in the slightest.

Chris also claims to have had a SWAT team sent to his shop on one occasion[5].

The 'spoof' website as of 2012

In 2011, the prank caller 666j1 created a parody website of DatBoys. The site in question claims to recover Narcissistic personality disorders. Treatments include "locating narcissism in your vagina" and "spoof narcissism recovery". The website is accompanied by a looping sound clip in which Chris claims to manipulate narcissism. Visitors can also get narcissism fixing tools which takes the viewer to another part of the website where one can also play the Chris the Hacker web game "Operation Data Spoofer."[13] created by the prank caller "xaozzz".

Chris's current feelings of the website is unknown, although he has been made aware of it.

In September 2012 the website was updated to the 'Chris Perron Show' in where the website claims that it's following Chris Perron 24/7 with hidden cameras and that Boston is actually a giant dome that serves as a giant studio and that every aspect of Chris's life is being controlled and manipulated.

Reaction to Frank Garrett's Death

When informed that fellow prank victim Frank "Duncan" Garrett had died and asked for his thoughts on it, Chris stated that he had no comment. However, he may have possibly reconsidered later and left a comment in the guest book of Frank's obituary on the funeral home's website. On July 12th, a comment was posted by a 'Chris Perron' who also revealed his email. The comment reads:

"Rest in Peace, Mr. Garrett.
Rest safe in the knowledge that what goes around comes around.
Deepest respect,

C. Perron General Manager DatBoys Data Recovery and "

It is currently unknown if this whether or not this was a fake comment or legit.

Beliefs and views

Although other victims have been called by pranksters using their actual voices, Chris's uniquely deep knowledge of the prank call community and individual pranksters allowed them to actually have some meaningful conversations with him and find out quite a bit about his personal opinions on real-world subjects.

Chris Perron is a fundamentalist Christian (as surely as the Satanic Racist and Irate Black Man are Christians) who subscribes to the notion of biblical inerrancy, thus rejecting evolution in favor of creationism.[14] For a virtual tour of Chris Perron's fundamentalist beliefs click here. He is a conspiracy theorist and believes in the existence of a "New World Order."[15]

In 2008 Chris was featured as a caller on the show "The Atheist Experience", under his Stageman alias, and had a very poor argument with the host of that show, Matt Dillahunty.[16] in the video "Physics and biology proves Gods existence"

Chris the Hacker calls the Atheist Experience

Chris is also very patriotic and nationalistic, to the point of paranoid jingoism. In a recent incident on Facebook, for example, he took issue with a young girl from Murwillumbah, New South Wales in Australia named Susan Rattray, who had written "I love my torrents, down with America" in response to an article about the U.S. Government's recent controversial seizure of torrent websites. In a huge overreaction, Chris replied to her with a long rant in which he claimed to be a Vietnam veteran, blasted her repeatedly for her words and stated that he loves his country and considers anyone who criticizes it to be an enemy. He then threatened to report her to Homeland Security, as well as authorities in Australia, as a potential terrorist.[17] However, Chris extended his definition of terrorism all the way to Zoltan5616 ordering him unwanted pizzas online, with Perron having to foot the bill upon delivery.

When on the back foot in arguments, Chris was known to resort to pedantry around his opponent's word choice. For example, taking great umbrage at "mad" being used as a synonym for "angry". He also attributed other misfortunes in his life (like credit card problems) to the foul working of the prank calling community. To whatever degree prank callers were responsible for Chris's plight, the irony of the overall situation largely seemed lost on Perron: His constant attempts to undermine and destroy the Community rendered him a major target, a sort of Public Enemy Number One amongst prank callers, when simply not engaging his antagonists would eventually grant him peace. As such, many of the harsher pranks could be seen as retaliatory in nature, and it was nearly impossible to be sympathetic to the victim's demise, given his borderline sociopathic behavior.


As of 2011, People have impersonated Chris to either snitch to or get information from other prank call victims.

Sometime before the infamous Little India Grill Health Scare in 2012, a YouTube user by the name of xFerrari300x became the first Chris The Hacker impersonator and called the Indian Lady (who is the boss of Walsh) to alert her of the soundboard community, but ultimately failed to get his point across due to the fact that all employees at the restaurant forgot everything he had said.

On December 8, 2011, MistahBlonde, who has been behind many of the pranks to Chris the Hacker, called an acquaintance of Christian Weston Chandler to get more information about him and his recent legal problems, posing as a court-appointed psychiatrist named "Dr. Perron". As a result, some new information about the death of Chris-chan's father, Bob Chandler, was brought to light.[18]

Real lawsuit

A frequent claim made by Chris was his ongoing efforts to gather the many prank call victims in order to launch a class action lawsuit against individual pranksters. He even bragged to one caller that he had talked to Duncan ("I'm gonna sue you! Because you used my fuckin' name, and Frank Garrett knows about this too! We're gonna sue together to get, who you fuckin' are!"). In several calls, when Chris believed he was talking to an actual victim, he would attempt to get their information. In a 2010 call, for example, Chris promised prankster Rawpranks "a piece of the action" in exchange for giving him the contact information for Screaming Lawyer.[19]

There is no evidence to support that Chris had managed to contact any victim, however, it has been speculated that he was the "old boy from New York" who informed the Yellers of their YouTube calls in early-2011. While the specific details are unclear, it appears he was ultimately unsuccessful. Presumably he was either unable to actually locate any victims or that no one was willing to cooperate. Chris expressed a low opinion of his fellow victims after the arrest of Richard Hudson in September 2011.

"You can’t force people (the police and people who’ve been called) to be smart, you can’t force people to be proactive, so… screw ‘em! That… I-I’ve quit worrying… I’ve tried to round up all the victims, and they were born victims!”

“I mean, you guys got- I mean, the Prank Call Community, they got plenty of fodder out there, plenty of it, you know. So I feel sorry for these people but they don’t want to smarten up I- I told him (Richard Hudson) he need to educate himse- you know all that information you gave? God love ya brother. God love ya. You’re a good man, really I mean that. But guess what? I’ll bet ya he didnt go check it out. *leans back in chair* It’s too bad. So he’s gonna put himself in jail, *sigh* i’m gonna feel bad about that, but what can I do I can’t do shit about that. Neither can you.[20]"

Defamation is a crime punishable by law. Chris has been in contact with Interpol agents who will gather the information of anyone who continues releasing his private information. He will not allow his name to be dragged through the mud again. So to say it clear. You can have your little page but do NOT under any circumstance, release Chris' real name and private information again. This is not a joke and legal action will follow if this continues. LOL!! Defamation is a tort, at best, and you can’t prove actual malice standard. Interpol won’t do anything, either.


  • "Fuckn' bitch!"
  • "Yeah, how you doing? My name is Chris, I'm from Boston."
  • "Umm, there's somebody playing games with the phone."
  • "We're connected to each other through a computer. We've got somebody sitting in a room, hacking telephone numbers...and connecting us."
  • "So yeah, he just...he just did a three-way, between you, me...and him!"
  • "Yeah, and I believe you're full of shit!"
  • "He's...he's left tracks all over the net! If you were to type that number into Google search engine, you'd see that...that this guy...he's got people...he's got...there's...there's actual...forums!"
  • "I've seen some of the postings on the forums, he's actually caused a lot of people a lot of emotional distress!"
  • "We know who you are. We know who you are. We know who you are."
  • "Yes, we do."
  • "You're a dumb bastard. You're a dumb bastard. No, you're a dumb bastard."
  • "You know something? You sound a little bit older and you really should...get the anger out and get on with your life. There's better things to do...than to do what you're doing."
  • I'm gonna sue you! Because you used my fuckin' name, and Frank Garrett knows about this too! We're gonna sue together to get, who you fuckin' are!"
  • "You've pissed off...twenty...thirty other businessmen!"
  • "Who else is in this conversation?!"
  • "There's only one protector, and that's God almighty. And by the way, GOD is directing this whole scenario...against you."
  • "You're a narcissist. You have a personality di-disorder. Did you know that?"
  • "It appears you've GOT NO LIFE!"
  • "Hey, is your refrigerator running? Well ya better go stop it."
  • "Hey listen, I'm going to consider this harassment, you place anymore calls to this offi-number, this is going to be harassment; you got that?
  • "This is terrorism."
  • "You know why do this? because you got no dick."
  • "Hey, dumbass! Yeah, you, operator! Dumbass!"
  • "blah blah blah, go ahead..."



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