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Security Guard
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Ima Legalfirm's Depiction of ASG


Prank Call Victim


Security guard



early to-mid 40s





Arnold's Security Guard (also known as Security Guard) is a prank call victim who was called by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is featured in the Realm of Darkness call "Arnold Schwarzenegger calls a Security Company".[1] A soundboard was later created by the website though it has rarely been used.


  • "Who are you?"
  • "Who are YOU?"
  • "Who?"
  • "Who do you represent?"
  • "With who?"
  • "What number are you calling?"
  • "What number are you calling from?"
  • "That's NOT our number."
  • "Give me your correct number."
  • "I can get it from dialing 69 to get your number."
  • "Give you ... my address?"
  • "What is YOUR address?"
  • "No, you don't get to know me until you tell me who in the hell you are!"
  • "No! You're not gonna ask me any questions."
  • "That doesn't mean shit to me."
  • "This is a police officer."
  • "Yeah? And wh-what police department?"
  • "John Cable."
  • "Excuse me?"
  • "And..?"
  • "You're a what?!"
  • "Just fine."
  • "Why don't you do me a favor..."
  • "Why don't you go to hell?"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Arnold Schwarzenegger calls a Security Company Realm of Darkness Security Guard Original call. [1]
March 19, 2012 Special Vengence 9: Pay your bills *not* (part the fifth) Revolverocelot2501 Male victim [2]
April 23, 2012 Telemarketer Revenge 45: Are you stereotyping people? And you better tell me the truth... Revolverocelot2501 Female victim [3]
May 9, 2012 Special Vengence 11: Pay your bills *not* (part the seventh) Revolverocelot2501 Male victim [4]


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