Arkansas Hillbilly

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Arkansas Hillbilly
Arkansas Hillbilly Depiction


Tommy Jordan


Prank Call Victim




mid to-late 40s



Arkansas Hillbilly (real name: Tommy) is prank call victim of Satanic Racist and Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer. He was discovered by Prankcallcollection on March 31, 2010. The prankster attempted to call him back numerous times over the next few days but was unable to get a hold of him.[1] A soundboard of the victim was designed by IsThisARecording and released several months later.[2]


The picture used for the Arkansas Hillbilly is of the 42nd US president, Bill Clinton, a fellow Arkansian to the Hillbilly.


  • "Yeah, this is Thomas."
  • "Who in the-who are you, uh, who do you think you're talkin' to dude?"
  • "Aha-ha, uh, bro I gotcha number here. I don't know who you callin'. This is Tommy Jordan(?) you talkin' to."
  • "What is you're friggen problem buddy? What- how did you get my number?"
  • "How did you get my number?!"
  • "Hey, hey montherfucker. Let me tell you something. You call this goddamn number again I'm gonna give your number to the police department and their gonna give it to the fuckin' FBI. And your goddamn stupid ass better go tell you limp dick, goof ball motherfucker..."
  • "You call my goddamn number again you stupid ugly motherfucker... you understand?"
  • "Don't call this number again boy. You talkin' to sombody's residence! You understand you stupid montherfucker?!"
  • "Hey fuck face. You goddamn ugly moe-rahn muthafucker!"
  • "Who you think you talkin' to, boy?"
  • "I've already give your number to the police department you stupid son-of-a-bitch!"
  • "You're gonna find uot how goddamn quick the FBI's gonna be on you. This is a terrorist act. You call my goddamn number again you stupid son-of-a-bitch..."
  • "You, uh, it don't matter motherfucker. You going to jail anyway."
  • "They gonna be at your stupid house, you prick!"
  • "Don't call my house again you ugly, prick, turd, mother-fuck'in son of a bitch"
  • "Hey you goddamn fuck breath."
  • "You know you don't need to be callin' this time."
  • "What do you- hey motherfucker you goddamn no account piece of shit motherfuckin' gallbladder-looking son-of-a-bitch. Whatchu want?"
  • "You want ya' goddamn ass slapped?!"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
March 31, 2010 Satanic Racist and Tom call an Arkansas Hillbilly Prankcallcollection Arkansas Hillbilly Original call. [1]


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