Alabama Yokel

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Alabama Yokel
Traditional depiction of the Alabama Yokel


Timothy "Tim" L. Hutto


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


unknown, possibly unemployed and receiving disability


March 21, 1962


February 22, 2014 (Deceased, aged 51)






Courtland, Alabama


Jennifer R. Hutto (divorced)


At least two daughters (possibly more children)

The Alabama Yokel (real name: Timothy Labron Hutto) was a violent hillbilly living in Courtland, Alabama[1] who was first called up with a soundboard of the Random Asshole. During all calls he has the same common reaction of flipping out, using a lot of profanity and vulgar insults and suggesting that the caller meet him somewhere to fight.

The Alabama Yokel was in his late 40's to early 50's when most of the calls were recorded.  Some of his hobbies included riding motorcycles and watching his grandchildren play sports . Some of his comments suggest that he is unemployed (although his obituary stated that he worked for General Motors) and suffered from some kind of physical disability, possibly from a debilitating accident in the past. Namely during a call from the Jackass Plumber, Hutto stated, "I'm crippled and broke-up, but you're too goddamned scared to meet me!"[1]

In addition to the Random Asshole, he was also called with soundboards of the Jackass Plumber, Rick the Mullet Man, Rick's wife Karen, the Satanic Racist, Duncan, and himself. His reactions were of course, more aggressive to Rick and the Random Asshole. The Alabama Yokel, like the real Rick, disconnected his number eventually, eliminating the possibility of further calls being made to him.

On February 22, 2014 the Alabama Yokel passed away .

Duncan seemed to think the Alabama Yokel is black, on one occasion calling his soundboard a "thick-lipped black son of a bitch" and on another occasion telling him, "I wish you fuckin' niggers would go back to Africa."

The Alabama Yokel soundboard was used by an unknown prankster to hack Walsh's voicemail greeting, and replace the typical "Please leave your message" with "Hey, I'd like to whoop yo motherfuckin' ass is what I'd like to do!", although this has been resolved.

See also: Quotes of Duncan


  • "Won't you suck my goddamn dick, you rubberneck motherfucker! FUCK YOU!"
  • "Hey you stupid motherfucker, is that you again!?"
  • "'ey motherfucker, you on there again!?"
  • "You ain't nuthin' but a dick suckin', motherfuckin' whore."
  • "You probably suck your own daddy's dick, you fuckin' idiot."
  • "Where the fuck you wanna meet at you son of a bitch, just name your place!"
  • "It don't make to fuck with me, cuz!"
  • "You a bad motherfucker on this telephone!"
  • "You won't even call from a real number, so fuck you!"
  • "If you who I think you are, I'm gonna put a beating on your motherfucking ass, you count on it!"
  • "I hope you who I think you are, then I can beat the goddamned hell out of you!"
  • "I'll choke you 'til you goddamn eyes pop out yo' head..."
  • "I'll cut yo' fuckin' head off and shit down yo fuckin' neck!"
  • "Hey, I'd like to whoop yo motherfuckin' ass is what I'd like to do!"
  • "Yeah I'd eat you you son of a bitch, I'd eat yo goddamn brains out"
  • "I'd like to tear yo' motherfuckin' head off and shove my dick down your goddamn throat"
  • "I'll drive to Missouri just to choke yo' goddamn eyeballs out!"
  • "Hey, I didn't vote for no fuckin' nigger Obama! You goddamn Yankee! Get your head outta your goddamned ass!"
  • "You're a dog dick licking sonofabitch!"
  • "I'm crippled and broke-up, but you're too goddamned scared to meet me!"
  • Missouri? While ago you said you was in Illinois! You don't even know where the fuck you at!
  • Where you from, cuz?
  • How close are you to Courtland, Alabama? Are you close?

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
April 2010 Original Calls to the Alabama Yokel TotalRedial Alabama Yokel Original call. [2]
April 2010 Rick calls back Alabama Yokal Mr88Nismo Alabama Yokel Original call. [3]
April 2010 Duncan Calls the Alabama Yokel L00neyHax Alabama Yokel Original call. lost call
April 2010 Jackass Plumber and Rick Call the Alabama Yokal Mr88Nismo Alabama Yokel Original call. [1]
N/A Harassment to Nigerian scammer (part2) Mr88Nismo Nigerian scammer [4]
April 27, 2010 CALLZ FROM THE TOY CHEST: Rick vs. Alabama Yokel + AY harrassment + DMF TheGoldenPhone2 Alabama Yokel
Bible Man
Original call. [5]
July 2, 2010 TOY CHEST!!: Chris Chan, Bob Chan, High Karate Man, ECLH, Rick & Alabama Yokel enjoiCam Female victim [6]
July 24, 2010 TOY CHEST: Insecure Sal makes friends w/ DMF but comes outta closet, Yokel & Mad Mopar Man are drunk enjoiCam Male victim [7]
December 6, 2010 Alabama Yokel Calls The Redneck Pawn Shop JustPoleBarnBuilders Male victim [8]
February 9, 2011 Alabama Yokel calls bowling ally and Call to Charles (intro) and Frank (end) PhoneGhost Various [9]
February 15, 2011 Alabama Yokel Calls a Gunshop PhoneGhost Various [10]
March 24, 2011 Calls to the Yankee Tough Guy Part 1 Total Redial Yankee Tough Guy Original call. [11]
March 24, 2011 Calls to the Yankee Tough Guy Part 2 Total Redial Yankee Tough Guy Original call. [12]
July 15, 2011 Looking for FWANK WorldClassPrankster Various [13]
July 16, 2011 The Castle Motel Pt.7 (New guy) WorldClassPrankster Male victim [14]
July 24, 2011 Michigan Man WorldClassPrankster Male victim [15]
October 6, 2011 Alabama Yokel Calls the Pissed Off Rednecks Derangedpranks Male victim [16]
October 13, 2011 Castle Motel Harassment WorldClassPrankster Male victim [17]
October 25, 2011 Alabama Yokel Calls The Farmers Derangedpranks The Farmers [18]
October 31, 2011 Alabama Yokel Calls The Farmers Derangedpranks The Farmers [19]
November 9, 2011 Yo...Why You Mass Conference Me Yo? (Wigger Chronicles pt. 7) WorldClassPrankster Male victim [20]
December 12, 2012 Prank Mix 3 Phuckaducker Various [21]
March 19,


Original Calls to The Alabama Yokel


MartinSawyer Alabama Yokel 22



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